Here’s everything you need to know about Nagpur’s ‘Psycho killer’

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Feb 9, 2017 15:11

Nation Next lists down the things which Nagpurians should know about Nagpur's Psycho killer instead of believing in any sort of rumour!
The Psycho killer’s sketch released by Nagpur Crime Branch.

Of late, there has been a lot of buzz about a certain ‘Psycho killer’ in Nagpur. The news stories, whatsapp forwards and word of mouth has given rise to a lot of theories concerning this killer thereby instilling a lot of fear among Nagpurians especially girls and women. Nagpur Crime Branch is on the toes to nab this man and has now released his sketch. For the uninitiated, uniformed and misinformed, Nation Next lists down the things which Nagpurians should know about the Psycho killer instead of believing in any sort of rumour!

→ The Psycho killer’s modus operandi includes crossing his target once while riding his bike (Pulsar 220) or scooty and then coming back and attacking his target.

→ A total of six incidents relating to the ‘Psycho killer’ have been reported till now.

→ All of these incidents took place in the month of January 2017 and no incident has been reported in February owing to tight police checking and bandobast in areas where the incidents took place and other areas of Nagpur.

→ All of the incidents took place in Zone IV which includes areas like Sakkardara, Hudkeshwar, Nandanvan, Ajni, Imanwada and Dhantoli.

→ The timing of all the incidents have been between 8pm to 10pm.

→ Contrary to popular belief in Nagpur concerning the psycho killer, the man does not carries a big knife. He carries a small knife. Of the six women he has attacked, five have suffered minor injuries and one has suffered major injuries.

→ With the help of an eye witness, Nagpur Crime Branch could get a sketch made which it released to the media day before yesterday.

→ According to the eye witness, the psycho killer has a wheatish complexion, is approximately 5 feet 5 inch tall, has a moderate built and can be around 30-35 years of age. He wears a checkered shirt and denims and also wears a half helmet.

Don’t believe the rumours!

Ever since news broke out about this psycho killer, a few other crimes have been branded as ‘Psycho killer’ crimes by people. However when Nation Next spoke to the police officials at concerned police stations, we were informed that these cases have nothing to do with the Psycho killer.

Day before yesterday, a 43-year-old women named Kalpana Bansod (Resident of Kachipura) came across a man with a knife at around 6:30 pm near Deekshabhoomi. The man walked towards her and tried to attack her. She ran away and called the Police control room. She thought that she had an encounter with the Psycho killer. Bajaj Nagar police has confirmed that even though the man is yet to be caught, he’s definitely not the Psycho killer.

Today in the morning, near TB ward, when a young girl was waiting at the signal on her scooter, a young boy came rushing at the signal near her on his bike. The man was apparently being chased by another man on a bike too. Fearing he might be caught owing to a lot of traffic, the young boy flashed a small knife to shoo people away so that he can make a way for himself to run. It’s then that the girl was hurt accidentally. Imanwada police station has confirmed that even this case has nothing to do with the psycho killer.

Ranjan Sharma, DCP, Crime Branch, while speaking to Nation Next said, “He’s no killer as there have been no deaths in the six cases. Having said that, we are looking for him and we have deployed police personnel for the same. All the incidents took place in January and after we did tight bandobasts nothing has been reported. I request Nagpur people to not believe in rumours. The police will nab this man soon.”