Cops confiscate Rs 3.18 crore from a car in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 30, 2018 17:07

Nandanvan Police, on Sunday at 2.30 am during the night patrolling duty, intercepted a car at Nagpur’s Prajapati Square and seized Rs 3.18 crore from a secret compartment in the car. The car (Duster, MH-31/FA/4611) was headed towards Nagpur from Raipur.

The persons sitting in the car – Rajesh Wamanrao Mende (40) and Navneet Narendra Jain (29) – on being questioned about the cash couldn’t give any satisfactory answers. A per a report in TOI, the two claimed that they were sent to Raipur with the SUV by Prashant Keswani of Wardhaman Nagar. Both Mende and Jain were detained and the Income Tax department was informed about the cash seized by Nandanvan Police.

The police found 109 bundles of Rs 2,000 (Rs 2,18,00,000), 152 bundles of Rs 500 (Rs 76,00,000), 24 bundles of Rs 200 (Rs 4,80,000), 192 bundles of Rs 100 (Rs 19,20,000) and a bundle of 72 notes of Rs 100 (Rs 7,200) in the car. As per reports, the cash belongs to a person named Khanjan Thakkar – the owner of Maple Jewellers in Raipur. Its also being speculated whether the cash was part of the hawala trade.

The car was intercepted by the police on the basis of a tip-off about the cash being moved in a vehicle. The police team, which led the operation unde the guidance of DCP Nilesh Bharne ACP RR Kapgate (Sakkardara), consisted of: API Dhandge, sub-inspector Krishna Sonule, NPC Sanjay and constables Sandeep, Chetan, Atul, Abhishek and Roshan.