NEHRDO felicitates Sanjeev Pendharkar with ‘Rashtriya Udyog Pratibha’ award

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 19, 2019 22:21

Sanjeev Pendharkar receiving Rashtriya Udyog Pratibha award 

NEHRDO (National Education and Human Resource Development Organization), on April 13, felicitated VICCO director Sanjeev Pendharkar with ‘Rashtriya Udyog Pratibha Award’ in Mumbai.

The event was attended by an elite guests including renowned artist (Doordarshan and Akashwani) Ghansham S Vaswani, government electrical contractor Rajendra Dharamraj Magar from Parbhani, Actress Jayshree T, Dr Damodar Khadsehe (Chairman, Maharashtra Rajya Hindi Sahityik Academy), Jayprakash W Karnatakihe (Director and Producer of Master Winayak Films) and well-known media professional Aradhana Tungare.

An elated Pendharkar after receiving the award said, “I am humbled to be included among some of the most visionary entrepreneurs and eminent personalities, across a myriad of industries. NEHRDO is a non-profit organisation geared towards working for social and economic development of the country and to be honored with this award and acknowledgement from them, further invigorates our spirit to keep endeavoring towards our goal of achieving a healthier and wholesome society by offering the natural and rejuvenating products and services of VICCO.”

Pendharkar during his speech also shared his experiences and hard learned lessons that he gathered during his journey of establishing VICCO as one of the world’s distinctive name in the personal care segment.

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Many other awards were also conferred upon to recognize and felicitate the achievements and outstanding work done by individuals in fields like health and medicine, IT, engineering, education and social service.

Pendharkar also felicitated the finalists and winners of Clean India Movement across all 29 states of India at this grand awards gala, amidst a gathering of India’s leading entrepreneurs, business icons, investors and government leaders.

Speaking about Clean India Movement, Pendharkar said, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or The Clean India movement is an inspirational campaign, which was launched in 2014, which seeks to clean the roads, streets and infrastructure of countless cities across all 29 states of India. It is a massive cleanliness drive and a befitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi Ji on his 150th birth anniversary.”

Adding further, he said, “This initiative to promote the sense of cleanliness has already seen a massive turn out and will continue to pave the way for the fabrication of “Cleaner and Healthier India.” Pendharkar added, “What is required is the collective effort. This is something which cannot be done singlehandedly. We all just need to do our bit, be an active participant in this and spread the message around. We need to own up the responsibility and this starts with our home and our surroundings. All the inhabitants must maintain a strict civic sense and maintain cleanliness in their houses and surrounding areas. This is what will make all the difference.”