Newborn’s body found in toilet after plumbers see her head pop up while clearing the passage

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 16, 2018 16:31

newborn's body
Photo source: NDTV

In yet another shocking incident, plumbers at a Kerala clinic discovered a newborn’s body flushed in toilet. The plumbers discovered the same when Dr Abdul Rehman, who runs a clinic next to his house in Palakkad, called the plumbers after he felt the toilet at his clinic was clogged.

As per the police, when the plumbers tried to unblock the passage, they noticed a ball like object inside. That’s when they were shocked to see the head of a two-day-old baby girl’s head pop up, which was stuck in the duct.

The baby still had placenta attached to her, because of which the police suspected that the mother could have delivered the baby inside the bathroom. And, that’s when the parents might have flushed the baby in the toilet.

However, the police assured that the records of all the patients were being checked and the baby’s body was sent to Thrissur Medical College for postmortem.