Newly married man gets crushed under speeding tractor while performing stunt for TikTok video

Anuja Parate | Mar 12, 2020 21:27

A TikTok video shoot went terribly wrong after a newly married man was crushed to death by a speeding tractor, on which he was performing a stunt in Khindidiya village on Wednesday. The 23-year-old Kapil, who got married two months ago, was performing stunts on a speeding tractor during Holi celebrations.

While Kapil was involved in the stunt, another man was shooting his video from a mobile phone. Soon Kapil lost control over the steering wheel and the tractor overturned on him. As per reports, Kapil was trying to lift the front wheel of the speeding tractor in the air. That’s when the vehicle got out of control.

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