Nirav Modi demands for laptop in jail to access more than 5000 pages of proof against him

Radhika Dhawad | Jun 29, 2019 14:38

Soon after UK confirmed fugitive Nirav Modi’s presence in their country, the Central Bureau of Investigation filed an application seeking his extradition.
Nirav Modi’s presence

Indian fugitive Nirav Modi, main accused in the 2 billion US dollar PNB fraud case, said he wanted a laptop in prison to access over 5000-page document, which the Government of India has served against him.

The Westminster magistrate’s court on Thursday said that would do all it could to facilitate Modi’s request to access documents in prison.

As per TOI, his barrister Jessica Jones said: “India has served more than 5,000 pages of evidence on us. It is very difficult in the short visits we have at the prison to take instructions from our client on this. On July 29 there are directions for him to appear in person before the court but we have made repeated contact with the prison asking them to provide him with a laptop preloaded with the papers and been met with absolute silence.”

Modi has been remanded to custody till 25th July, the next date of hearing.


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