NMC signs agreement with IUC of European Union for urban development

Nation Next Newsroom | May 24, 2018 17:17

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), on Wednesday, signed a pact with European Union under the latter’s International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme.
NMC Commissioner Virendra Singh, Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar and Pier Roberto Remitti (Director, IUC India) during the signing of agreement between NMC and IUC of the European Union.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), on Wednesday, signed a pact with European Union under the latter’s International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme. The partnership agreement was signed to identify and expand areas of cooperation in Nagpur (India) and Karlsruhe (Germany). The agreement was signed by Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar and NMC Commissioner Virendra Singh on Nagpur’s behalf and by Pier Roberto Remitti (Director, IUC India). Under the program, Nagpur and Karlsruhe will joint preparing a local action plan based on the needs of sustainable urban development and the ambitious smart cities mission by the Government of India.

Prior to signing of the agreement, Ashish Varma (Sustainable Development Expert, IUC India) gave a short introduction of the project. During his presentation, Varma explained the purpose, objective and implementation of the program.  Dr Ramnath Sonawne (Chief Executive Officer, Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited) also gave a brief introduction of Nagpur, the opportunities and the problems faced by the city. He also explained how IUC programme could help Nagpur with regards to knowledge exchange and implementation of smart city planning. Dr Sonawne also gave detailed information about the importance of integrating urban development and municipal services, reduced carbon consumption, urban innovation and sustainable mobility.

NMC Commissioner Virendra Singh said, “This is a good opportunity for Nagpur to know about the issues related to sustainable urban development and to work in European cities. With this partnership, Nagpur and Karlsruhe will work together on issues related to sustainable urban development. Karlsruhe has been using smart technologies for quite some time now and the city’s mobility model is very encouraging.”

Nagpur Mayor Mayor Jichkar was too very happy with the signing with the agreement. Jichkar expressed her determination to work in an ambitious way towards global climate change and achieving sustainable urban development objectives.

What is IUC programme?

The International Urban Cooperation (IUC) prgramme enhances cooperation on sustainable urban development in cities and partner cities of the European Union in India, East Asia, North and South America. The programme aims at adding a new perspective to handle sustainable urban development issues. Under the programme representatives of both the cities meet and develop local action plans to promote sustainable urban development of the cities.