No! Naik Talao COVID-19 positive patient didn’t host ‘biryani party,’ clarify Nagpur Police

Gursshheen Gahllen | Jun 12, 2020 19:52

No! Naik Talao COVID-19 positive patient didn’t host ‘biryani party,’ clarify Nagpur Police…

Containment area ‘Naik Talao-Bangladesh’ (a slum in East Nagpur) was one of the most widely discussed areas of the city after reports of a resident hosting a ‘biryani party’ and infecting more than 70 surfaced. Rumours also claimed that the infected had ordered biryani from Mominpura (another containment area, which is four kilometres from the slum), because of which infection spread rapidly and people became victims of the virus.

Quashing all the rumours, Police Inspector Kishore Nagarale from Pachpaoli Police Station in a conversation with Nation Next rubbished the reports of a ‘biryani party.’  He said, “The resident tested positive of COVID-19 on May 26th, while the lockdown was still in action. Soon after we received the reports, we immediately quarantined 16 family members from the same house to contain the spread of the virus.”

The patient received treatment at Mayo hospital from May 26 to June 4. “As claimed, if a party was supposedly held, it had to be during the beginning of June when the lockdown ended. But the resident was still receiving treatment when the rumours started doing rounds,” informed Nagarale.

Residing within 100 meters from the area police station, cops had even installed barricades at the entrance of the area and had deployed police personnel who were present there at all time. “People who live there are mostly labours; they are daily wage earners. The area is slum dominated and doesn’t have big houses that can accommodate 70 people. The positive resident resides in an extremely small house with 16 family members. How could he accommodate 70 guests in such a tiny house?” questioned Nagarale.

Requesting people to refrain from spreading further rumours, Nagarale appealed to the citizens by saying, “Nothing of this sort has happened. I request people not to spoil city’s environment and create unnecessary panic by spreading such rumours. The police department is here to help the citizens and we are doing the best we can.”

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