No one listens to me; considering resignation: Ashok Chavan in viral audio tape

Radhika Dhawad | Mar 23, 2019 19:05

As per an unverified audiotape,Maharashtra Congress Chief Ashok Chavan has said that he’s contemplating resignation as nobody listens to him.
Ashok Chavan

As per an unverified audiotape that has been doing the rounds since today afternoon, Maharashtra Congress Chief Ashok Chavan has said that he’s contemplating resignation. Chavan, as per the audiotape, is in conversation with a party worker named Rajurkar from Chandrapur.

In the audiotape, Chavan has clearly expressed his displeasure over Vinayak Bagde – the candidate selected by Congress in Chandrapur for the upcoming Lok Sabha 2019 elections. Chavan is heard saying that nobody listens to him in the party and hence he’s thinking of resigning.

However, Chavan neither accepted nor denied the alleged communication. He said that it was a ‘personal’ conversation between two party workers and the party’s decision was final. Chavan said,, We haven’t been able to bring all Congress workers on the same page but the party’s decision is final. There are complaints about the Chandrapur seat. I don’t want to discuss the party’s internal matter in the public.”

Transcript of the same:

Party worker: Good morning sir

Ashok Chavan: Good morning. Who is speaking?

Party worker: This is Rajurkar from Chandrapur.

Chavan: Yes, tell me.

Party worker: Sir, Vinayak Bagde has been given the ticket in Chandrapur. Our candidate could have surely got elected in Maharashtra.

Chavan: I agree with what you’re saying but you talk to Mukul Wasnik. People there do not understand.

Party worker: But sir, Vinayak Bangde?

Chavan: I’m with you; please try and understand.

Party worker: But Mukul Wasnik is no one in front of you. You handle entire Maharashtra.

Chavan: I agree with you but no one is listening to me. I tried to explain too. I am also planning to resign.

Party worker: That seat is in trouble.

Below is the audiotape released by Republic World

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