Odisha: 72-year-old priest beheads ‘Ganja’ partner in temple for eating his dinner

Nation Next Newsroom | May 30, 2020 17:19

In a horrific incident, a 72-year-old priest allegedly beheaded a 52-year-old man inside a temple in Cuttack district, Odisha, for eating his dinner after the two smoked ganja (cannabis) together on May 27.

The incident took place at the Brahmani Devi temple in Bandhahuda village on Wednesday night. After committing the murder, the priest Sansari Ojha walked up to the local police station around midnight and after narrating several fake stories, he finally confessed the real reason behind the murder.

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Initially, the priest claimed that he had performed ‘human sacrifice’ to end the coronavirus pandemic after being ordered by ‘goddess’ in his dream to do so. However, the priest later confessed to killing the victim Saroj Kumar Pradhan during police interrogation.

As per reports, both Ojha and Pradhan hailed from same village and were ganja addicts. They used to often pick up quarrels over trivial issues. While Ojha resided in the basement of the temple after he abandoned his family, the deceased was a bachelor. Pradhan often visited the temple during night hours and stayed there with Ojha.

The priest has been arrested and a case has been registered against him. The weapon used for the murder has been seized and the head and the body of the deceased have been sent for forensic examination.