Once hottest with temperature over 48°C, Nagpur now sizzles at 44.2°C

Sharvari Vaidya | May 21, 2020 15:02

Nagpur, known to be one of the hottest cities in India with temperature over 48°C, this time sizzled at 44.2°C on Wednesday – be it due to the COVID-19 lockdown that has resulted in lesser pollution and reduced global warming. Earlier, Nagpur in the first week of May had recorded a maximum temperature of 44.8°C. Despite the comparatively lower temperature this year, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasted that heat wave would still continue until May 24. 

Other cities in Vidarbha including Amravati (43.4°C), Yavatmal (43.5°C), Gondia (43.2°C), Wardha (43.1°C), and Chandrapur (43.0°C) on Wednesday recorded a maximum temperature above 43°C. The recorded temperatures in Buldhana, Brahmapuri, and Gadchiroli were above 41°C.

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