Pakistanis attack Indians celebrating Independence Day in London

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 16, 2019 19:59

Pakistani protesters outside Indian High Commission in London on Aug 15, 2019. (Photo: Reuters)

In a shocking incident, Pakistani protestors attacked Indians, who were celebrating Independence Day and waving the tricolour outside the Indian High Commission in London. Pakistanis and Britishers of Pakistani origin allegedly tried to harm Indians by throwing objects.

As per the reports, the protesters were carrying Kashmiri flags along with anti-India placards. As families of Indian origin citizens gathered for a cultural event, gang of protesters started to abuse PM Narendra Modi and shouted slogans against the revocation of section 370 by India.

Indians outside Indian High Commission in London on Aug 15, 2019.

BJP’s Foreign Affairs Department Head Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale has condemned the incident as he tweeted, “What happened today in front of Indian High Commission in London is quite deplorable. @BBCWorld will never report it. Women and Children who came to celebrate Independence Day were abused, eggs and water bottle thrown on them by Paki goons.”