Panchpaoli Police start 2020 on inspiring note, urge citizens to drink milk instead of alcohol

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Jan 2, 2020 14:34

Panchpaoli Police officials distributing milk to citizens.

With an intention to curb accidents because of drunk driving, Panchpaoli Police carried out a campaign to urge citizens to quit alcohol, drink milk and be healthy. As part of the campaign, the police officials from Panchpaoli Police Station distributed milk and roses to citizens near Kamal Chowk, Awale Babu Chowk, Char Khambha Chowk, Raut Chowk and Rani Durgavati Chowk.

The cops held the banner, which read, ‘Daru Soda, Dudh Pya, Tandrust Raha! (Quit Alcohol, Drink Milk and Be Healthy!’