Web Series Review: ‘Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa’ tells you, don’t guard your kids, guide them about sex!

Arvind Shandilya | Oct 6, 2016 13:08

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa
Web Series: ‘Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa’ by Y Films

Education is an integral part of parenting, and parents want the best of the education for their kids. But when it comes to sex education, their focus takes a beating. They tend to hesitate. Most of the schools have started providing sex education but they have a clinical approach to it. The major sources of sex education for kids still remain those cheap magazines/ videos or the cousins or the friends, who themselves are greenhorns, and not sex experts. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, a web series  by Y Films, a division of Yash Raj Films, has tried to deal with this sensitive issue with a sensible yet lighter approach.

It is one of a kind series, which explores sex education in the simplest possible manner. Parents and kids can sit and watch this video series together, without a feeling of awkwardness. It’s entertains while it educates.

In this series Pappu, the kid, asks his Papa certain genuine questions pertaining to sex. Papa is sandwitched between a mashup of his modern and orthodox approach while taking on such honest questions by Pappu. Finally, Papa, unlike his own father, doesn’t shy away and faces the questions related to sex by Pappu with élan. Papa educates Pappu and us all in a funny but graceful manner.

Writers Gopa Datt and Devang Kakkad have successfully depicted otherwise tabooed issues like sex, masturbation, menstrual periods, condoms, pregnancy and homosexuality with a nonchalant grace. The web series stars Anand Tiwari, Kabir Sajid, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Alka Amin and veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar. Every actor in the frame justifies his/her character.

Nation Next Takeaway: 

Don’t shy away from sex education, which is an intrinsic part of parenting! Unguided self exploration by kids is dangerous. Let’s guard our kids not from information on sex, but from misinformation and disinformation on sex!