Party hard but don’t violate the law: Nagpur Police to party goers

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Dec 31, 2017 10:43

With an intention to discourage drunken driving post the New Year celebrations, Nagpur Police has informed about the massive checking to be held tomorrow.

Nagpur Police will be on guard throughout the night on New Year’s eve to make sure that citizens don’t drink and drive, violate rules, stay safe and maintain the law and order. All important squares and roads will be blocked by the police teams and traffic police will be conducting breath analyzer tests on bike riders and car drivers.

Speaking to Nation Next, DCP Sambhaji Kadam (Crime) said, “Right from the constable to the DCP’s, all the personnel will be on guard to maintain law and order in the night. We will keep a close watch on people who drink and drive, on hotels, which are hosting new year bashes and on selling of illegal liqour. Nearly 80% of the police personnel have been deployed for the bandobast on NYE. Barricades will be laid down throughout the city and monitoring will also be done through CCTV cameras.” Giving a message to the citizens, DCP Kadam added, “You have every right to have a good time on the New Year’s Eve, but I request you to behave decently and keep in mind that others should not be disturbed because of you. We will be taking stern action against anybody who violates any law.