People wearing saffron clothes are committing rapes in temples: Digvijaya Singh

Nation Next Newsroom | Sep 17, 2019 19:18

Digvijaya Singh

Veteran Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijaya Singh triggered a row on Tuesday when he said that ‘people are wearing saffron clothes and raping’ these days.

Singh made the comment in presence of saints across Madhya Pradesh at a Sant Samagam, an event organised by Madhya Pradesh Adhyatmik Vibhag in Bhopal.

Singh said, “A person after parting ways with his family becomes a Sadhu and turns to spirituality. But today, people wearing saffron robes are selling fake potions.” Singh added, “Today, people are wearing saffron clothes and raping. Rapes are happening inside temples. Is this our religion? Those who have defamed our Sanatan Dharma won’t even be forgiven by God.”

Singh also claimed that the slogan ‘Jai Shree Ram’ has been hijacked by those having political interests. Singh said, “The slogan should, in fact, be ‘Jai Siya Ram.’ When we raise the slogan in the name if Lord Ram, why do we forget Sita?’