Petrol price touches Rs 90.11 in Maharashtra; sets a new record in India

Radhika Dhawad | Sep 11, 2018 17:00

As per an official, a new record was set in India after petrol prices touched a staggering Rs 90.11 per litre in Parbhani city of Maharashtra on Tuesday.

Parbhani District Petrol Dealers Association (PDPDA) President Sanjay Deshmukh told IANS that diesel prices also increased from Rs 77.92 to Rs 78.06 on Tuesday. However, Parbhani wasn’t the only city in the state that was affected by the fuel hike. Few days back, petrol in Nanded was Rs 89.93 per litre and diesel was Rs 77.90. City of Amravati in Maharashtra too sold petrol for Rs 89.93 per litre whereas diesel was for Rs 77.56 per litre.

However, petrol in Thane was retailed at Rs 88.43 per litre and diesel for Rs 77.64 per litre, while petrol price in Mumbai was Rs 88.35 per litre and diesel price was Rs 77.56 per litre. While the prices of petrol today (September 11, 2018) in Nagpur stand at Rs 88.21 per litre, diesel prices stand at Rs 76.26 per litre.

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Swapnil Pande, an executive who works at a leading luxury automobile brand in Nagpur, told Nation Next, “What will touch Rs100 first – US dollar against Indian rupee or the fuel prices in India? It’s getting extremely challenging for middle class people to make their ends meet with such sky rocketed fuel prices. They have to think twice before commuting. Moreover, mileage is also a huge issue for people. Unfortunately, car-pooling unlike in metros isn’t much practiced in Nagpur. No matter what the BJP government is doing to reduce the price hike, the rates aren’t going to reduce drastically and heavily.  Sadly, people are bearing the brunt!”

The BJP, while speaking about the increased fuel prices, termed the hike in petroleum products as a ‘momentary difficulty’ that resulted due to an international crisis. The BJP also said that the prices skyrocketed further after the Opposition parties in India observed a Bharat Bandh on Wednesday to protest the skyrocketing fuel prices.