Pharmacist dies after consuming ‘self-made’ coronavirus medicine

Nation Next Newsroom | May 10, 2020 18:03

In an unfortunate incident, a 47-year-old Ayurvedic pharmacist died on Saturday in Chennai after he and his boss drank a chemical concoction they had developed for treating coronavirus. As the men were rushed to TN Nagar hospital, while the pharmacist – K Sivanesan – died on the way, his boss – Dr Raj Kumar, who had fainted after consumption, was hospitalized.

As per reports, Sivanesan, hailing from Perungudi, was a production manager at Chennai based Ayurvedic Products Company Sujatha Biotech. Kumar is the managing director of the company. Sivanesan used to work at the company’s Kashipur, Uttarakhand plant, where he claimed that he had developed the formula after conducting research on the internet. During the lockdown, he had come to Chennai, after which he purchased chemicals from a medical store to create the drug.

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NS Vasan, Designer and Media manager of the company informed that Sivanesan informed that he heard of some medicine and said that he would develop it for treatment of the virus. Vasan added that Sivanesan must have taken a heavy dosage of the drug, which led to his death.