Nagpur Railway Station’s Platform 1 to be closed for 45 days

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 13, 2018 18:19

Nagpur Railway Station's Platform one will be shut down for 45 days from August 20, 2018, for construction of washable aprons.
Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur Railway Station’s Platform one will be inaccessible for commuters for 45 days from August 20. The platform will be shut down for construction of washable aprons. Similar work was carried out recently at platform two of the station as well.

What are washable aprons?

Washable aprons are ballastless tracks on a concrete bed along the entire length of tracks at the station. To put it simply, presently, the track on platform one is based on wooden sleepers. As these tracks are more than two decades old, they need to be replaced for safe landing of trains. As part of renovation, the wooden base would be replaced by a concrete one. The concrete sleepers unlike wooden sleepers are durable and east to maintain.

How will it help?

Once the washable apron work is done with, water jets on the tracks can easily flush out the waste from toilets of steady trains. The concrete tracks, would also enable better cleanliness and would avoid water logging problems during the monsoon.

With Nagpur Railway Station being a major junction, as many as 35 trains operate from platform one. During the period of 45 days, some of the trains originating from SECR (South East Central Railway Zone), to ease congestion, will depart from Itwari Station instead of Nagpur Railway Station. Other passing trains through platform one will be passing through other platforms.