People in black were barred from entering PM Modi’s event in Gujarat

Radhika Dhawad | May 23, 2017 21:31

Kushal Soni alleged that he got a call from Pakistan on Saturday, wherein the caller offered him Rs 50 crore to kill PM Modi.

People, who were dressed in black (be it T-shirts, headgears, etc.,) weren’t allowed to be a part of PM Narendra Modi’s event, where the PM spoke about budgetary allocation for river Narmada. As per reports, this act was carried out to ensure that there’s no protest against the PM as black signifies protests.

Akshay Raj, an IPS officer, who didn’t know the reason behind the same, said that they had got instructions from the seniors.

Modi, during his visit to Gujarat, also inaugurated the third Narmada pumping station near the town Bhachau, which was totally destroyed during the 2001 earthquake.

Modi added, “Do not forget the poor. Lets pledge to use Narmada water judiciously, so that it makes your farms greens and brings prosperity not just to you but the poor as well.”