PM Modi’s wife Jashodaben has a narrow escape, suffers minor injuries in a road accident

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 7, 2018 7:35

PM Modi's wife Jashodaben
Jashodaben Modi (Photo source: twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben suffered minor injuries today (Wednesday morning) as she had a narrow escape en route Gujarat from Rajasthan. Innova, the car, in which Jashodaben was travelling, hit a truck near Chittor in Rajasthan.

PM Modi's wife Jashodaben
One of the several photos, of Jashodaben’s car Innova, posted on twitter by users

Jashodaben was rushed to a hospital in Chittorgarh after suffering injuries. While one of the seven co-passengers and relatives of Jashodaben, Vasantbhai Modi succumbed to injuries, the driver Jayendra also sustained injuries. Jashodaben was travelling from Atru in Baran near Kota.

Suresh Khatik, sub divisional magistrate of Chittogarh, said, “Jashodaben is okay. She’s in comfort. She’s getting her primary health check-up done.”