Pratap Nagar Police nabs accused in just 12 hours after he robbed a house

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Jan 18, 2018 13:17

→ Pratap Nagar Police on Wednesday nabbed an accused just 12 hours after he robbed cash and jewellery worth Rs 1,15,000 from a house in the same area.  

→ Arun Shyamrao Bhute, a 62-year-old architect and resident from Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, left for Wardha on January 16 at around 11 am. When he returned in the evening, he found his house locked from inside. He got suspicious and entered his house from the kitchen door to find his house completely vandalised from inside.

→ He checked for the valuables in the house and found that cash and jewellery had been stolen. He informed the Pratap Nagar police, which reached the spot immediately.

→ The police examined the modus operandi of the robbery closely and then picked up a juvenile thief, who already had a criminal record. The boy immediately accepted that he stole from the house and the police recovered the stolen items.

→ The juvenile apparently was fond of playing lottery, which had landed him a lot of debt. He stole as he wanted to return the money to the lenders. The juvenile has been sent to the juvenile correction facility.