Prince Tuli’s Amrit Global teams up with Novogratz couple for wildlife hospitality ventures in India

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 12, 2019 18:02

Prince Tuli’s company – Amrit Global  – has teamed up with popular Novogratz couple to explore Indian urban markets in hospitality and wildlife hospitality.
Robert and Cortney Novogratz with Prince Tuli at a party hosted by Prince Tuli at Hotel Tuli Imperial in Nagpur. (Photo by: Himanshu Pal)

Nagpur businessman Prince Tuli’s New York based family investment holding company – Amrit Global (AG) – has teamed up with celebrity interior designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz, popularly known as The Novogratz, to explore Indian urban markets in hospitality, wildlife hospitality and promote tiger conservation. The Novogratz couple arrived in Nagpur and couple of days back along with Tuli, who hosted a lavish welcome party for the couple.

For two weeks in February, AG and the Novogratz will be teaming to research with an intention to roll out new hospitality platforms, which are focused on design, technology, increasing operational efficiencies and CO2 reduction, along with a whole new lifestyle product. Together, AG and Novogratz are collaborating to curate a program that promotes adventure and wellness along with tech-driven standard operating procedures.

Team members at Amrit Global and the Novogratz will also travel to the National Tiger Reserves of Kanha and Pench to explore the property and aim to implement a transformation of wildlife hospitality with an objective to create awareness for tiger conservation around the world. Prince Tuli, who’s extremely passionate about the conservation of animals, has currently built an AG New York based platform to raise awareness about the ongoing poaching of the magnificent tigers.

Speaking about the association with the designer couple, George Valliades, Managing Principal of AG, said, “Robert and Cortney are world renowned designers, who have an intuitive and sophisticated impact on everything they do. When Prince and I started developing the hospitality platforms a couple of years ago, it was our dream to work with the Novogratz. We feel they are the best design team in the world to create the luxury, comfort and most fantastic lifestyle experience in any space. It is a dream come true for us to be working with this dynamic duo for these innovative hospitality platforms.”

About the Novogratz

Robert and Cortney Novogratz have been designing amazing spaces over the world for more than 25 years. The husband and wife team recently designed the award winning Timber Cove Hotel in Sonoma California, a one of a kind building in Boston. The Novogratz have had very popular shows on both Bravo and HGTV such as Home by Novogratz and 9 by Design, as well as a web series for People Magazine. Not only are they starting to film a groundbreaking show, which will be announced soon, but they are also working on their fourth book with the Italian prestigious publisher, Rizzoli. Robert and Cortney have seven children between the ages of 10 to 21 years old. The Novogratz family has been named as one the world’s coolest family by the London Times. The entire family was signed by Ford Models and have appeared in several campaigns.

About Amrit Global

Prince Tuli, is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Amrit Global, which was launched on September 24, 2011. AG, a family office of the Tuli Group, is structured as an investment holding company and serves as an advisory firm and active impact investor, which transforms small capital business into mid capital companies through innovative technology.