Priyanka Chopra teaches African children how to do the ‘Bollywood thumka’

Amar Ashok Jajoo | May 8, 2017 15:39

During her recent visit to Zimbabwe as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Priyanka Chopra taught the African kids how to do the Bollywood thumka!
Picture Source: Priyanka’s Facebook page

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is currently on a tour of Africa as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador for creating awareness about violence and abuse against children. During her recent visit to Zimbabwe, Priyanka during a fun session with the African kids taught them how to do the Bollywood thumka!

The actress shared the video on her social media account with a caption which read: “After they taught me their dance moves I showed them one of mine.. it’s called the “thumka” #DanceParty #EndViolence #UNICEF #thistimeforafrica #SafePark.”  Priyanka also shared a couple of other videos having fun with the kids with the last one being a video wherein the kids are seen hugging Priyanka thereby bidding her a final goodbye!

Here’s the video: