The big fat wedding celebrations come to an end: Priyanka and Manuj Singh walk the red carpet like lovebirds!

Juhi Sethi | Sep 12, 2016 21:38

Punjabi’s are known for their big fat weddings, and wedding reception of Priyanka Girdhar and Manuj Singh was no exception. While the Singhs totally justified the title ‘Singh is King’ with their infectious energy, the Girdhars too left no stone unturned in welcoming their guests by showing their best hospitality.

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The newly wedded couple – Priyanka Girdhar and Manuj Singh – looked like a million bucks on the stage together. The romantic instrumental Bollywood music played by a group of musicians (which included a piano and a saxophone player as well) simply made the evening a lot more romantic.

Selfies were the order of the day as guests clicked pictures with each other to freeze the moment. In the end, it was heartening to see the members of both the families join the couple on the stage to pose for a joint family picture, and boy they looked awesome together!

Nation Next captured some of the most memorable and delightful moments of the couple and their close ones during their wedding reception.

Photos by: Amar Ashok Jajoo