PUBG addict beheads father; begs cops to let him play video game in police station

Joy Jacob | Sep 10, 2019 16:53

In a shocking incident that brings the pervasive mobile-addiction once again into the limelight, a 21-year-old boy beheaded his 60-year-old father early Monday morning in Kakati village of Belagavi district of Karnataka, for scolding him for his addiction to video games.

Shankreppa Revappa Kumbar, the boy’s father had retired just three months ago from a unit of the police department, according to media reports. Even more shocking is the fact that the unrepentant boy Raghuvir begged the police who arrested him to return his cell-phone so that he could continue playing PUBG in the police station!

A day earlier, the concerned father asked his son to concentrate on his studies rather than waste his time playing games on his mobile. Enraged, the lad instead fought back with his father and in the process damaged the windowpanes of houses the neighbourhood. The police summoned and warned the boy on receiving complaints from the neighbours.

Undeterred, Raghuvir was caught playing video games again on Sunday night by his father who scolded him. In a fit of anger he locked his mother in a room and killed his father. Responding to the cries of Raghuvir’s mother, neighbours alerted the police. However, by the time cops arrived, Shankreppa Revappa Kumbar was dead.

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