Couple kills children, commits suicide due to financial problems because of COVID-19 pandemic

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 19, 2020 18:00

In a shocking case, a Pune-based couple allegedly ended their life by hanging from a ceiling hook, after killing their six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter at their flat in Sukhsagar Nagar on June 18.

Police have suspected the incident to be case of a suicide pact, where Atul Dattatreya Shinde (33) and his wife Jaya (32) first killed their two minor children Rugved (6) and daughter Antara (3) and later hung themselves.

Sub-inspector Mahendra Patil told a daily that the police had found a note scribbled on a wall in the house, which was signed by the couple, who stated that nobody should be held responsible for the incident as they were ending their lives out of the frustration caused by their situation.

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A Pune police official said, “Shinde ran a small business of making identity cards for schools and it seems like the family might have been facing financial crisis, as the business may have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The official added that the deceased had not responded to repeated phone calls from their family and friends on June 18, and hence they alerted the police. Further probe in the incident is underway.