Depressed Punjab woman commits suicide over fear of COVID-19 to protect her daughters

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 8, 2020 14:05

Punjab: A 65-year-old woman named Santosh Kaur, who was a resident of Khurrampur village in Phagwara city of Punjab, committed suicide by consuming some tablets on Sunday. Kaur, after developing throat infection, feared that she was infected with Coronavirus. Kaur, who was living alone, was said to be battling depression. She also feared that she would infect her daughters who were supposed to come to see her next morning. However, police claimed the doctors had assured Kaur that she was fine and was only suffering from a sore throat but she still continued worrying.

The health department had said she didn’t show any symptoms of COVID-19 nor did he she have any travel history and was living alone. As reported in TribuneIndia, Baljit Kaur, the woman’s daughter who lives in Jalandhar, said, “Kalle television dekh dekh ke ohnan de dimaag de vich baith gay ki menu ho gayi hai. (She became convinced by watching TV alone that she had COVID-19). She had no problem – neither cold, nor cough, nor fever. My father died last year. But she was fine after that. However, for past 4-5 days she started feeling that she got coronavirus. Four of us sisters were going to get her tested the next day. But she got scared we would get it too. That’s what caused her act. She did it to protect us.”

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