Qatar makes masks mandatory; violators may face jail time, Rs 41 lakh fine

Sneha Shah | May 16, 2020 16:49

With an intention to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country, Qatar Interior Ministry, on May 14, announced that it has made mandatory for all citizens to wear face masks while stepping out their homes from May 17. Citizens who violate this rule may face jail time up to three years and a fine of a whooping Rs 41 lakh (2,00,000 riyals).

The decision comes after a cabinet meeting, which reviewed developments with regard to the pandemic in the country and the recommendations of the country’s health ministry. As per reports, the cabinet has mandated wearing of face masks ‘upon leaving the house for any reason’, except when ‘alone while driving a vehicle.

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Qatar, which has a population of 2.75 million, has reported more than 28,000 COVID-19 positive cases so far. The increasing numbers of cases in the country have prompted the government to take strict actions. While bars, restaurants, cinema halls and mosques across the country have been shut in order to contain the virus, construction projects, which include World Cup 2022 stadiums, are operational with an emphasis on social distancing.