India to witness 2017’s first Quadrantid meteor shower post midnight!

Gursshheen Gahllen | Jan 3, 2017 20:12

The Quadrantid meteor shower will seen on the nights of January 3 and January 4 depending on what part of the world you're in.
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Universe is a gigantic world on its own. With numerable unsolved mysteries to new discoveries, space has a lot to offer to all its space fanatics! Three days in to the new year 2017 and we are all set to witness an enormous meteor show with a chance to witness an extremely rare comet flying past earth! To make the night sky even more thrilling this will be one of the best meteor showers of 2017! The Quadrantid meteor shower will seen on the nights of January 3 and January 4 depending on what part of the world you’re in.

The Quadrantid meteor shower is expected to reach its peak on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at about 9 am (Eastern Standard Time). The Quadrantids have their source in 2003 EH1, the name given to a body in space which probably broke apart from a comet about 500 years ago in the 1490s. The orbits of 2003 EH1 and Earth intersect every year, perpendicular to each other, and the resultant quick movement of Earth through the debris field of 2003 EH1 leads to a brief meteor shower.

This year, the meteor shower will appear bright as the Moon is a waxing crescent and only partially illuminated, making the Quadrantid meteor shower easier to see. But also, the shower is pretty much only viewable from the Northern Hemisphere as the shooting stars originate near the northern star formation, the Big Dipper.

Indians will be able to witness the shooting stars post midnight and on the Monday morning, January 4, 2017. As these little pieces of debris and space dust burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, they cause spectacular shooting stars – up to 100 every hour. But unlike other meteors, the Quadrantids only has a peak viewing window of around 2 hours, and it’s not entirely predictable when it’ll occur. Hence, you’ll have to keep gazing at the sky for the shower to take place!

Here’s to a call to all Space devotees! Stars will put up a show for you all tonight, don’t miss this gorgeous chance!

P.S. If you plan to step out to witness the meteor shower, don’t forget to carry a folding mattress, comfortable pillow and cozy blanket to keep you and your loved one warm. This can turn out to be the best date ever!