Radha Mangeshkar left the audience asking for more with her soulful renditions

Radhika Dhawad | Jan 10, 2017 18:55

It’s surely a treat for any music lover to hear music maestro Pt Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s daughter and well-known vocalist Radha Mangeshkar performs live. And rightly so! Nagpur music lovers thoroughly enjoyed their evening when Radha Mangeshkar rendered soulful musical creations by Mirabai, Surdas and Kabir at Dr Vinay Waikar Memorial programme. Mangeshkar spoke about how Dr Vinay Waikar’s books on Urdu left a lasting impression on her as a child. She even enlightened the audience on some of the well-known verses of poet Kabir, Mirabai and Surdas.

Mangeshkar, before she could captivate the audience with her spectacular performances, said, “I’m thankful to the Waikar family for giving me this opportunity to perform here. As a kid, my father compulsorily made me learn Urdu language. So, my father got me a moulvi (teacher) appointed. But, due to some reasons, I stopped his classes after few sessions. So, my father himself started teaching me the language. This is how I was introduced to Urdu language. Then, I stumbled upon a book by Dr Vinay Waikar – Aina-e-ghazal – in Urdu, which after reading, my life completely changed for better. It changed my perception towards Urdu language. I’m sure Aina-e-ghazal is like Bhagavad Gita for people like me who want to learn so much about Urdu.”

Dr Vinay Waikar’s son Amit Waikar said, “I’m glad my friends not only from India but even from China come for this concert every year. Also, I’m thankful to the organising board – Saptak.”

Dr Vinay Waikar Memorial event took place on Friday, 30 December 2016 at Deshpande Hall, Nagpur.

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Pictures by: Himanshu Pal