Receiving more good morning messages than complaints on helpline number: Indian Railways

Malavika Madkholkar | Aug 7, 2018 17:14

In a rather surprising revelation, the Central Railways (CR) and Western Railways (WR) of Indian Railways today claimed that they’d been receiving more good morning and good evening messages than complaints over their WhatsApp helpline number. The helpline number, launched on July 31, 2018, which was originally meant for lodging complaints about lack of cleanliness in stations, received a total of only 25 complaints so far along with hundreds of forwarded messages.

When asked whether the railway department in Nagpur also faced a similar experience, Nagpur Railways Assistant Commercial Manager RK Rao told Nation Next, “We’ve not been receiving good morning messages! This has not happened in Nagpur so far. We have only received complaints via messages related to cleanliness in the station and toilets. We’ve publicised the helpline number well. So, we’ve acted immediately on the few complaints that have been lodged through the helpline number. The launch of the helpline number is quite useful for passengers, travelers as well as railway officials.”

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