Rakhi Sawant reacts to her Modi dress controversy, calls herself ‘BJP ki beti’

Team Nation Next | Aug 15, 2016 14:20

Rakhi Sawant is in the news again, thanks to the ‘different’ outfit she wore at an India’s Independence Day celebration event in Chicago, USA. The skimpy black dress had Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures printed all over it. Her detractors are accusing her of placing the PM’s pictures strategically on “her butt and bust.” Rakhi  has been getting a lot of flak ever since she wore the dress but the unabashed and unapologetic woman that she is, Rakhi sent a video message to Nation Next reacting to the criticism and explaining the reason behind wearing the dress. In an exclusive chat with Nation Next, Rakhi said, “This Independence Day, I’m representing my country and my prime minister in the US. Modiji is in my heart, and to show my respect to Modiji, I’ve got his pictures placed on my dress. I would love to join BJP! Main BJP ki beti hu!”