Ram Jethmalani calls Finance Minister Arun Jaitley a crook and a fool

Team Nation Next | Feb 4, 2017 17:06

17- 20-01-2017-Adv Ram Jethmalani- Indian Student Parliament 2017 at Raisoni College-Suyash Sethiya (35)
Ram Jethmalani (Photo by: Suyash Sethiya)

Addressing a huge gathering of students at GH Raisoni College in Nagpur, India’s highest paid lawyer and former Union Law Minister called Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley  a crook and a fool. Jethmalani said so with reference to a parliament debate which took place. Talking about Arun Jaitley , Ram Jethmalani has this to say:

“Not one of these members of Parliament have the courage to speak the truth! I saw something really strange in a Parliament debate. After the new government came into power, he came into power because he was candidate of Mr Modi from Amritsar. I’m talking about Mr Arun Jaitley ; he used to carry my gowns at one of time to court! Anyway, he is the finance minister. A member asked him a question in the Parliament. ‘Mr Jaitley , please tell us. We brought nothing from foreign countries where black money was kept. And now our party president has announced that all talk about the black money during the election campaign was a big tamasha and a joke! What have you done regarding this?’ Now, I don’t really wish to use the strong word crook but I cannot resist iy somehow, because he is a crook! But I have greater respect for crooks because crooks are normally intelligent! Arun Jaitley  is both a crook and a fool! The answer he gave in the parliament was, ‘I’m trying to enter the amended double taxation treaties with various nations! For this alone, the man should be in jail and he’s continuing to be the minister of Mr Modi. I speak the truth and only the truth. And it is Modi who is to be afraid of my being so truthful and honest because it was my good character that made me work for him in the elections.”

Here’s the whole video to the same: