Ramon Magsaysay awardee Anshu Gupta to be in Nagpur for 1st anniversary of Soham

    Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 25, 2019 15:22

    Anshu Gupta

    Social entrepreneur, founder of NGO Goonj and Ramon Magsaysay award winner (2015) Anshu Gupta will be in Nagpur for the 1st anniversary celebrations of Soham – the home for senior citizens – on December 1 in Nagpur. Gupta, who is a Ted Talk speaker,  will be speaking during the session ‘Sochta Hoo’ in Nagpur.

    Soham – home for senior citizens in Nagpur

    It’s a rare opportunity for Nagpurians to meet, hear and interact with Gupta whose organization Goonj has a pan India presence and has always been on the forefront in any relief effort.

    The entry to Gupta’s session is free subject to seat availability. For more details, contact: +9171225260060/61 or +919823767227