Ranveer Singh promotes the new jeans by condom brand Durex

Team Nation Next | Mar 23, 2017 20:15

Ranveer Singh - Durex Facebook Page

The famous condom brand Durex is coming up with a range of denims and they have chosen none other than Bollywood macho Ranveer Singh to promote it. Ranveer has also previously endorsed for the brand’s condoms. In a latest advertisement of the jeans, Ranveer is seen promoting the Durex Jeans as he says, “Hi guys! Durex is launching jeans and I’m going to be the first one to wear it!” He then hangs his old jeans up the curtain rail and says, “Hey guys, its fits really well.”

As much as it is surprise to see the condom brand launch a range of denims, it is totally normal to see Ranveer promoting their denims as Ranveer is known for doing the most unconventional things with ease and a lot of style!

The range of denims will be launched on March 25, 2017.