Congress enlists ingredients for #RecipeForDisaster by releasing a video targeting UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Radhika Dhawad | Jan 12, 2018 13:53

Congress on its official Twitter handle released a video with the hashtag #RecipeForDisaster

Congress on its official Twitter handle on Thursday (January 11) released a video with hashtag #RecipeForDisaster by targeting Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections.

The Congress in the one-minute long video, which highlights the UP CM as ‘The BJP Star Campaigner,’ has enlisted the ingredients for the ‘recipe’ for disaster. With one kg of criminal record drenched in one litre of saffron dye, half a cup of crocodile tears, a cup of homophobia coupled with one cup homophobia, two tablespoons of misogyny, with ‘zero’ attention to development, simmer it on a communal flame and bring it to a boil. Garnish with ignorance and serve it with hate in Karnataka.”

The Congress in the video ‘#RecipeForDisaster’ at the end has also said that Yogi Adityanath is ‘soon coming to your state,’ which the Congress doesn’t ‘recommend.’

 BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli expressed his displeasure over the video by saying that it’s in a bad taste. “But then good taste and the Congress have always been miles apart,” Kohli told a leading newspaper. BJP spokesperson S Prakash too said that mocking an elected chief minister itself shows how the Congress has stooped to such low level of politics.

The Congress, in its defense, said, “It’s merely tit-for-tat. The BJP has mocked many Congress leaders in the past. But, if we mock one of them, they get furious. Yogi Adityanath came to Karnataka to speak about development, when Karnataka is already number one in the economy with Bengaluru getting the tag of the most dynamic city in the world. Someone who can’t take care of children’s health in his backyard shouldn’t advise us on development.”