60 Seconds Story | Mobile phones worth rupees 16 lakhs stolen in a robbery at Dharampeth, Nagpur

Suyash Sethiya | Oct 26, 2016 20:27

On Tuesday night there was a robbery at Dharampeth. Smartphones worth rupees 16 lakhs and eight thousand rupees were stolen from a mobile shop!
Smartphones worth Rs 16 lakhs were stolen from Blue eye mobile shop in Dharampeth, Nagpur on Tuesday night. Inset: Owner of the shop Sunil Lachwani. (Photos by: Juhi Sethi)

 → In a robbery at Dharampeth, a thief on Tuesday night stole mobile phones worth rupees 16 lakhs from The Blue Eye mobile shop. Along with the mobile phones, eight thousand rupees were also stolen.

→ On Tuesday night at 10 pm, when the owner of the shop, Sunil Lachwani was lowering the shutter of his shop, there was a short circuit. Fearing that there might be a problem in the night because of the short circuit, he called up the MSEB and requested to cut his shop’s power supply for the night. It is because of this, that no CCTV footage could be obtained of the robbery.

→ The following day when Sunil came to open his shop, the shutter was broken and everything in the shop was scattered with the empty boxes of cell phones everywhere. Sunil, immediately lodged a complaint at the Sitabuldi Police station.

→ Sitabuldi police has recovered the finger prints of a person from the shop and they are investigating the case. Interestingly, around 10 days back, a mobile shop near Blue Eye mobile shop known as New Pearls was also robbed of mobile phones accessories.