Thief finds Rs 12 lakh during robbery in Nagpur, loots Rs 4.5 lakh and leaves the rest behind

Tejaswini Thote | Nov 13, 2018 17:02

A robbery conducted at a government contractor’s house in the Pratap Nagar area of Nagpur has left the police puzzled. While conducting the robbery, the thief stole just Rs 4.5 lakh and a gold ring from the contractor’s house while a total of Rs 12 lakh was at the house.

As per the police, the incident took place between November 9 and November 11, when the government contractor Manish Vijay Shah (45) along with his family had gone to Kolhapur to celebrate Diwali. The incident came to light when Shah returned back to Nagpur on November 11. Shah noticed that the door of his house was unlocked and that some cash from his house was also missing. He later filed a complaint with Pratap Nagar Police.

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Speaking to Nation Next, Sheshrao Atulkar, Head Constable at Pratap Nagar Police Station said, “We are of the opinion that an employee of Shah might be involved in the robbery. We are yet to question him as he had gone to Gondia to celebrate Diwali and has not returned. Having said that, we don’t have any strong proof against anybody as of now.”

A case has been registered against the unidentified accused under sections 454, 457and 380 of the IPC.