Shashi Kapoor, that you’ll be missed is an understatement: Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy | Dec 5, 2017 6:17

Shashi Kapoor

Actor Rohit Roy pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Shashi Kapoor, who passed away yesterday (December, 4, 2017).

‘Several years back, a young boy with no dreams and no plans landed up in Mumbai. The rejection of his US student visa had hit him hard and lack of plan B had left him at a lose end. Around the same time, he met Kunal Kapoor who was a prolific ad filmmaker. Kunal offered this boy a job as his assistant knowing that this boy knew nothing about advertising. The kid started working with him. Right from serving tea to post production, he pretty much did everything and life was good.

A gentleman was auditioning young boys and girls for a new film that he was planning to make. So this boy, pretty much like all other boys his age, had dreams. So, he decided to give it a shot. Kunal, who was his boss, joked that the young boy was good at serving tea and had a permanent job so why stir up things! The boy smiled and said, “Let me do it for a lark.” And off he went for the screen test at Prithvi Theatre. He was excited by just being there in the company of this gentleman who was probably one of the best looking and nicest human beings in the world.

Post auditions, this young boy went back home with a huge smile. He was clueless about his performance in the audition. Next morning, when he went to work, his boss Kunal said with a sardonic smile, “For some reason, my father seems to think you have some degree of talent. He liked what you did in your audition!”

The young boy was on cloud nine. Just the thought of this huge star liking what the young boy did was enough for him to do cartwheels in his mind. That was the first time someone had told him that he was good at something apart from his studies.

Rohit Roy

That boy was me and that gentleman was Shashi Kapoor…

Shashiji, words cannot express what I feel. Today, that you have left us and gone to your eternal abode, that you will be missed is an understatement … I love you..’

SHASHI KAPOOR (1938-2017) RIP.

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