Bonhomie, music and celebrations ruled the fellowship party of Rotary Club of Nagpur Elite

Suyash Sethiya | Jan 7, 2017 18:26

Rotary Club of Nagpur Elite recently hosted a fellowship party for its members and guests at Laggunaa Bloo, Nagpur. Rotary Club of Nagpur Elite consists of more than 100 members from different walks of life who work tirelessly for various social causes throughout the year. These members along with Ajay Patil, (President of Rotary Club of Nagpur Elite), Seema Tiwari Ranade (Secretary) and Nishant Birla (Treasurer) were seen enjoying this fellowship party to the fullest.

Speaking to Nation Next  about the intention behind the fellowship party, Ajay Patil said, “Through this fellowship party we try to appreciate the strength of our members, their ability and their working skills and to discuss our upcoming projects. We host this party every month and invite our members and some guests to encourage membership in the club. Interested people can join our club by just filling a form and paying a nominal fees of Rs 12,000. Around 50 percent of the amount we collect from such admission of members is sent to Rotary International and rest of the amount is used for the social activities undertaken by our club.” Talking about the social activities the club undertakes, Patil added, ” The members of our club planted more than 15000 saplings in June 2016 and July 2016. Our club also conducts medical camps, dental camps, blood donation camps etc.”

At the party, members were seen shaking a leg with each other to upbeat Bollywood numbers. Interestingly, the club has a custom of celebrating birthdays of its members at the fellowship party every month. So, when everybody was done dancing and chatting with each other, a couple of cakes were sliced giving this party a perfect end!

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Photos by: Himanshu Pal