Members of Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya enthral audience with their spectacular dance performances

Juhi Sethi | Nov 18, 2016 19:33

Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya organised Diwali fellowship for their members at Maharaj Bagh Club, Nagpur, on 13th November. The theme of the event was ‘Wings of Time – Maithili Ki Kahani – Samay ki Zubani, a dance performance by almost 115 members. There were total 18 dance performances by the members, who depicted the life of Maithili, a young journalist who fought with terrorists while filming them in her camera. She was also awarded ‘Outstanding women of the year award’ from an international organisation.

Also, the members of Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya got a mini ambulance designed on an e-rickshaw that read a message – ‘Make way for the ambulance.’ The same e-rickshaw roams for 30kms in Nagpur every day to create awareness among the people about their safety.

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Photos by: Himanshu Pal