I saw the body lying in a pool of blood with bullets in his chest: Eyewitness account of Sachin Somkuwar’s murder at Gokulpeth

Gursshheen Gallen | Oct 1, 2016 23:33

Sachin Somkuwar
Traces marked in circles by chalk after Sachin Somkuwar was shot dead in Gokulpeth, Nagpur

Nagpur is on high alert after the horrific murder that took place in broad daylight on September 29, 2016 in Gokulpeth – one of the busiest areas of the city. The news spread like wild fire across the city when goon Sachin Somkuwar was shot dead by his rivals in full public view at around 2pm. As soon as the murder took place, the panicked passersby ran for cover and shopkeepers immediately shut their shops in a chaos-struck Gokulpeth.

In an exclusive chat with Nation Next, one of the shopkeepers at Thaokar market, Gokulpeth gives an account of Somkuwar’s gruesome murder, which occurred barely at a stone’s throw away from his shop.

“I was at my shop when I suddenly heard extremely loud sounds. While I was still in a state of confusion, I saw people screaming and running for cover. As I peeped out of the shop, I realised what actually had happened. A man had been shot dead, and the sounds I heard were actually the sound of bullets being fired! The entire Gokulpeth market was in chaos and was jam-packed with people. I went to the crime spot and saw the body of the man lying in a pool of blood with seven or eight bullets in his chest. One of the bullets had also hit his head. Within a couple of minutes, the police arrived at the spot and took control of the situation by handling the people around, who looked visibly shocked. I feel Nagpur Police should take strict action against the murderers. If someone can be shot dead in broad daylight in a busy market like Gokulpeth, anything can happen! Our women and children are not safe here. Proper law and order has to be maintained by the police. The increasing crime rate should be curbed in Nagpur, says Yogesh Thaokar.

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