Sachin Tendulkar sues Australian cricket bat maker over $2 million in royalties

    Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 14, 2019 18:06

    Sachin Tendulkar

    Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has filed a civil suit against an Australian cricket bat manufacturer over non-payment of two million dollars in royalties, which the company was to pay Tendulkar as it used his name and image for promoting its products.

    News agency Reuters reviewed the papers filed by Tendulkar in a federal court. Tendulkar has stated in the papers that in 2016, Syndney-based Spartan Sports International agreed to pay him at least $1 million each year to use his image, logo and promotional services to sell ‘Sachin by Spartan’ sporting goods and clothing.

    Tendulkar stated in the papers that he soon starting promoting the products and also appeared at various promotional events in London and Mumbai.

    Spartan Sports International, however, failed to make any payment till September 2018 to Tendulkar, who then made a formal request for the payment. Unable to get a proper response from the company, Tendulkar ended the agreement and asked it to stop using his name and reference for promoting its products. Spartan Sports International, however, kept using Tendulkar’s name as per the documents.

    The lawsuit was filed on June 5 and the first court date in Sydney is expected to be June 26.