Main hoon hero tera: Salman Khan serenades Nagpur

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Jan 6, 2018 17:15

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave a special New Year gift to Nagpur by inviting over Salman Khan at Khasdar Sanskrutik Mahotsav in Nagpur.
Salman Khan during his visit to Nagpur (Photo by: Himanshu Pal)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, on January 6, gave a special New Year gift to Nagpur by inviting over Bollywood superstar Salman Khan at Khasdar Sanskrutik Mahotsav at Ishwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education ground in Nagpur. While Salman made it to the venue post  8 pm, thousands of fans started gathering at the ground from 5 pm itself.

Along with the fans, also present at the venue were politicians and many high profile Nagpurians, which included Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Rajya Sabha MPs Ajay Sancheti and Vikas Mahatme, former MPs Vijay Darda and Datta Meghe, MLAs Sudharkar Deshmukh, Sudhakar Kohale, Dr Milind Mane and Vikas Kumbhare, MLC Anil Sole, Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar, businessman Sunil Raisoni among many others.

Awaiting Salman’s visit, fans at the ground created an energetic atmosphere. Before Salman’s arrival, singer Sudesh Bhosle took to the stage and enthralled everybody present. While the audience did enjoy his renditions and even danced, a consistent chant of ‘Salman Salman’ could be heard every now and then. And when ‘bhai’ finally arrived, thousands in the ground erupted in excitement even as the Salman’s famous song ‘O o Jaane Jana’ played in the background. Salman, who was accompanied by his bodyguard Shera, was welcomed to a ground full of cheers and noise. As he was escorted to a stage by an array of security personnel, he was greeted by Gadkari and fellow politicians. After lighting the lamp with Gadkari and formally inaugurating the festival, Salman was presented by Gadkari with a shawl and a memento. Gadkari, even made Salman wear a special bracelet. When the pleasantries were finally done and over with, it was the moment every person in the ground was waiting for – Salman’s turn to speak!

Speaking to a jam-packed ground, Salman firstly greeted the audience in his distinct style and exclaimed, “Aisa lagta hain pura Nagpur yaha hain! Andar bhi aur bahar bhi!” He then Gadkari for bringing him to Nagpur. He also thanked the audience for making Tiger Zinda Hain a hit but also jokingly said that it would have been great if Tubelight was given the same response. Salman during his address also recited some of his famous dialogues, which obviously got a huge roar from the fans. In the process, he also advised everybody to help others as much as possible without wanting anything in return. And just when everybody thought, it was all they could get of their favourite super star, Salman surprised the fans when he took to the stage once again and sung ‘Dhinka Chika’ with Sudesh Bhonsle and other singers. He then floored the audience with a rendition of the popular song ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ as the ground reveberated with oohs and aahs.

Here’s Salman’s rendition of ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera!’

Even though Salman visit to the venue was brief, his visit will always be remembered whenever the history of Nagpur’s date with mega celebrities will be discussed.

Check out these pictures from Salman’s visit at the Khasdar Sanskrutik Mahotsav at Ishwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education in Nagpur:

Pictures by: Himanshu Pal