Blog| Bollywood’s Tiger Salman Khan: The brand

Priyanka Dalmia Acharya | Apr 6, 2018 19:06

Salman Khan (Photo source: Himanshu Pal)

Salman Khan is a cult brand. In India, often, such brands are treated too well and mistreated too. We must remember, at all times, that it’s his choice to be this brand, but he is only a flesh and blood, a human like us. Let us not blow anything and everything about him out of proportion.

Having said that, my trust on our judiciary system of India is shaken gravely, where the value of a human life is lesser than an almost extinct deer Blackbuck.

I believe that in higher courts, he will get justice, because, this is not justice. I don’t believe after 20 years, five years in jail for Salman Khan is justice.

But I am nobody. I’m just one voice. I will only say let’s debate and re-debate. Salman Khan is waiting patiently; we can only wait with him. His career has spanned too many generations and that too successfully for us to dismiss him as, ‘done with Bollywood or washed out, or that he wont come back from this personally and professionally.’

I am a proud Salman Khan fan and yes, Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai!!!!

Priyanka Dalmia Acharya is a freelance writer and a blogger, who’s also in the process of writing a book. She’s also an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction books.