VICCO’s Sanjeev Pendharkar bags ‘Best Industrialist Award’

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 7, 2019 20:28

Jyoti Khamkar (Director, Winners Life Training and Consultancy) while felicitating Sanjeev Pendharkar (Director, VICCO).

Sanjeev Pendharkar (Director, VICCO) was honoured with the ‘Best Industrialist Award’ at a function organised by Winners Life Training and Consultancy on February 3, 2019, at Yashwant Natya Mandir in Mumbai.

The function was organised to commemorate 13th anniversary of the consultancy. Pendharkar received the award at the hands of Jyoti Khamkar (Director, Winners Life Training and Consultancy). Also present during the occasion was Shashikant Khamkar (Managing Director, Winners Life Training and Consultancy). Apart from Pendharkar, eight other people also received award during the function.

Addressing the gathering present, Shashikant Khamkar said, “Every year, we hand over nine awards to personalities and achievers from business and countless industries for their ingenuity and spirit of contribution to society. This award for ‘Best Industrialist’ to Sanjeev Pendharkar serves as a massive recognition for the entrepreneurs, who have demonstrated innovation, dedication, creativity and excellence in the business sector. It is a celebration of all the business owners who are building and leading successful, dynamic businesses with their astute vision and leadership qualities.”

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An elated Pendharkar after receiving the award said, “I am exceedingly humbled to be included among some of the most visionary entrepreneurs, across a myriad of industries. To be honored with this award and acknowledgement, further invigorates our spirit to keep striving towards our goal of ‘achieving a healthier and wholesome society’ by offering our natural and rejuvenating products and services.”

Pendharkar added, “I have always been a strong believer in living an authentic life and this is what reflects in all the products of our company. We as VICCO have always fixated on authenticity and innovation as our core values. As someone who has always been open to newer ideas to upgrade our products, all our products are classical preparations developed using authentic ayurvedic formulas, without a single shred of a chemical in it.”