Sanjeev Pendharkar felicitated with ‘Best Business Superhero’ award

    Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 13, 2019 15:10

    Sanjeev Pendharkar was felicitated with the ‘Best Business Superhero’ award by Mumbai’s Winnspire International Preschool on April 5, 2019.
    Sanjeev Pendharkar (right) being felicitated with the ‘Best Business Superhero’ by Deenal Bamania in Mumbai

    Sanjeev Pendharkar (Director, VICCO) was given the ‘Best Business Superhero’ award by Mumbai’s Winnspire International Preschool the school’s first annual day held at PL Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy in Dadar on April 5, 2019. While Pendharkar was the chief guest at the function, Shashikant Khamkar (Chairman, Winners Life Training and Consultancy) was the guest of honour.

    Expressing gratitude for receiving the award, Pendharkar, during the function, said, “I feel extremely humbled and delighted to receive this award. The love and appreciation showered by you, further strengthens the commitment of VICCO towards achieving the vision of a healthier and wholesome community.” Pendharkar also spoke about his entrepreneurial journey and how VICCO today has become the most respected brand in the personal care industry.

    The annual day celebrations witnessed entertaining dance and musical performances on – Superheroes – like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and many other freedom fighters. These performances left the audience mesmerized. Some parents also joined their kids on the stage, which made the show all the more dazzling.

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    Impressed with the performances, Pendhakar was praises for the Principal, teachers and students. He said, “I really appreciate the efforts of everyone for making this show a success. I wish the school best of luck in all its future endeavours”.

    Addressing the gathering further, Pendhakar expressed his viewpoint on education. He said,” I ardently believe that a school is a place where a child spends half of his/her time and it is the foremost source of knowledge a kid is exposed to. It is a space where children should be equipped with tools to become better human beings. Education today extends far beyond the bookish knowledge and degrees. The idea of education should encompass broadening the kids’ horizons by exposing them to different opportunities, both curricular and extracurricular, thus paving the way for them to become smart, respectful, independent and virtuous adults one day.”

    Sanjeev Pendharkar, Shashikant Khamkar, Jyoti Khamkar and Director of the school, Deenal Bamania, during the function, also officially launched the three new programs of Winnspire International Preschool – Mother Toddler, Brain win (Midbrain Activation) and Teacher’s Training Program for the upcoming year 2019-20.