Sanjeev Pendharkar felicitates Sydenham College students in Mumbai

Nation Next Newsroom | Jan 16, 2019 17:50

Sanjeev Pendharkar while felicitating one of the students at Sydenham College in Mumbai.

Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, Vicco Laboratories, was recently invited as a Chief Guest to address the students of Sydenham College and also to distribute various prizes. This grand function was attended by more than 550 students from various eminent colleges like Sydenham College, Hinduja College, Wilson College, Elphinstone College, Jai Hind College, etc.

During his address, Pendharkar shared with the students his rich entrepreneurial and managerial experience spanning over three decades. He motivated them and also gave them important crucial tips to help them join any organization after completion of their studies in management.

Pendharkar shared with the students the secret to become successful in life. He emphasized the need to concentrate not only on education but also the need to recognise the areas where strengths lie. Pendharkar said, “The importance of education cannot be overstated but it is equally important to look within and realise what one’s passion is. Excellence in academics merely to acquire a good job cannot be the ultimate as it does not necessarily bring joy and happiness in life. It is important to spend time with one’s inner self to analyse and recognise where his or her strength lies. The realisation in those quiet moments and enhancing these strengths will bring certainly bring success joy in life.”

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Pendharkar added that every human being is unique and enhancing this uniqueness to convert into a start-up or entrepreneurial venture would be a win-win situation, which would earn one fame, money and joy. The areas of passion could be sports, music, literature, event management, languages, tourism, etc. Pendharkar’s address evoked enthusiastic response from the audience.

Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics is one of the most prestigious colleges in India. It has a rich history of 103 years of excellence, which is commensurate with modern India. It is a pioneer institution recognised both in India and abroad. It has played an important role in winning accolades for India as a progressive nation by producing exceptionally bright students who have made rich contribution to their organizations and also to the society. The college, in the past, has been described as ‘India’s No 1 brand in study of Commerce and Economics’ as per Consumer Survey Report conducted by Media Research Group in May 2016.