Sanjeev Pendharkar shares VICCO’s success story at VIA-LEW installation ceremony in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 24, 2019 17:43

From left: Reeta Lanjewar, Sanjeev Pendharkar, Suresh Rathi, Suresh Agrawal and Shachi Mallick

VICCO’s director Sanjeev Pendharkar came calling to Nagpur to talk about the roller-coaster ride of VICCO during the installation ceremony of VIA-LEW (Vidarbha Industries Association’s Lady Entrepreneurs Wing) for 2019-20 held at VIA Auditorium on July 22. During the installation ceremony, Reeta Lanjewar was appointed as chairperson, Manisha Bawankar as secretary, Poonam Lala and Indu Kshirsagar as Vice Chairpersons and Shikha Khare as treasurer.

Prominently present during the ceremony were Suresh Rathi (President, VIA), Gaurav Sarda (Honourary Secretary, VIA), city industrialists, women entrepreneurs, management students and others.

Sanjeev Pendharkar’s address, which was about his journey as an entrepreneur hit just the right note with the audience and was invigorating enough to fill the attendees with the much-needed inspiration to break down the barriers and pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Addressing the gathering, Pendharkar said, “I am extremely humbled to be included among some of the most visionary entrepreneurs and dignitaries here and speak about the roller-coaster ride of VICCO. Entrepreneurial journey is exhausting as exciting. One requires faith and perseverance while chasing entrepreneurial dreams.”

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Sharing his thoughts on women entrepreneurship, Pendharkar said, “I am truly amazed by the ways the VIA’s Lady Entrepreneurs is working to build a thriving ecosystem of women entrepreneurs. The approach used by them to connect women business owners with like-minded experts and peers by conducting interactive workshops and talk sessions, which in turn gives them access to matchless resources and remarkable opportunities, is commendable beyond words.”

Pendharkar added, “In this day and age when women have come a long way from being just homemakers, there are still a myriad of barriers in the journey to be an empowered woman, both on the personal and professional front. As I see it, out of the various challenges faced by women business owners, marketing is the most significant one and I truly believe that women business needs should be catered for in a far more effective manner to ensure a supportive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.”

VIA, which is recognized by the government as a pioneer regional industries association was formed in the year 1964 with a sole aim of promotion and development of the industry in the region. The Lady Entrepreneurs Wing of VIA was further created, especially to support the advancement of women entrepreneurs around the world and unleashing their hidden talent.